About Me

My main goal is to help other people.  We only live once and no one is going to get out alive.  Taking life's experiences, and what bad and good that has molded me to what I am today, I hope to offer some insights that might help others see how wonderful life really can be.  Life throws challenges at us and how we react to them can affect our future.  I strongly believe that a persons health is more important than their wealth.Life hasn't always been good for me. When I was three, my two sisters and I were abandoned by our biological mother. The next two years were for me in and out of family members' homes. When I was five, I was taken to distant relatives, where I stayed for six years in East Flanders. In the fall, just before my eleventh birthday, I became homeless and I was back in west flanders. Sleeping on the steps of a hardware store and using their welcome buddy as a cover to keep warm was a blessing at the time. April 16, 1979 was a big change in my life. I moved in with a family and was adopted a year later in May 1980. But life still presented me with challenges and I managed to survive. I am retired and work from my house in Ninove, East Flanders; my place i live.

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