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Thanks for dropping by. I am so happy to know that just like me, you believe in financial independence and are trying really hard to promote some kind of opportunity.
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An ant is a worker!  From the time it is awake until it is time to rest, the ant never stops working.  An ant is either working to build the colony or working to find food for the colony.

Today's story is about Top Ant.  This is how Top changed the way ... READ MORE


In the business area where the merchants came to market their goods, there sat a young lad that looked extremely sad. Pete was a rambunctious youngster but had a caring heart.

An older gentleman with a pointed hat spoke to the lad and then placed a shiny gold coin into his hand. He then told Pete where he lived and told him to give the coin away by the end of the day.   

Pete did, reluctantly, as he was instructed and when he awoke the next morning there in the pocket of his paints was...READ MORE


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